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Inovative Woodworking Project Plans
You do not have to be a professional builder to build an amazing patio, deck, picnic table, small building, or revitalize your home with a sleek new design, look, and feel. In fact, you do not even have to know anything about woodworking or...

Butterfly house duo
Build a backyard haven for traveling butterflies. Butterflies are active pollinators, just as important but less threatening than bees. Welcome them into your garden with a protective butterfly house that safeguards monarchs, tiger swallowtails...

Cabin Style Bird Feeder
Birds flock to this easy-to-build woodsy feeder. Pretend you're a chickadee or a white-breasted nuthatch (or even a humble house sparrow), tiredly flapping your little wings through the trees in search of food. Which is more appealing: a hurried...

Coffee Can Birdhouse
Here is a terrific birdhouse that\'s as enjoyable as the aroma of the morning\'s first pot of coffee. And it has a lot more going for it, too. The house is simple to build, costs pennies to make and is a great way to recycle coffee cans and scrap...

Fairy Tale Style Bird House
Build your own fairy-tale birdhouse with these complete instructions. Once upon a time, there was a birdhouse builder who found a way to use scrap wood that otherwise would have been thrown into the fireplace. The craftsman's name was Ron...

Flickers Bird House
A rough interior is favored by these birds. A quantity of sawdust, ground cork or small chips should cover the bottom so the birds can shape a cavity for eggs. Boxes should be placed above immediately surrounding foliage. A dead stub makes an...

Four Bird House
This is a small and simple bird house suitable for the junior woodcrafter. Visit the USGS birdhouse specs page for information on how and where to mount the house and how to build your birdhouses to attract specific species.

Gourmet Bird Feeder
If you're a lover of nature, you'd probably agree that the more species of birds you can get to visit a bird feeder in your yard, the happier you'll be. If that's the case, here's a uniquely designed feeder that you can load with up to four...

Half-and-half roof model
Choose one of these styles for a bird feeder that pleases the eye as well as the birds

Hummingbird Feeder with Everyday Materials
Here are the directions, but you can be flexible and do what works best for you. Example: you can paint the feeder a solid color, add stripes and other details, or leave it unpainted; you can use a drill or a heated awl; you can use Krylon plastic...

Kid-Friendly Birdhouse
Build a perfect home for eastern bluebirds with some help from your own nest. If you've ever seen an eastern bluebird up close, you'll understand the attraction of building birdhouses for them. These delicate songbirds have striking blue feathers,...

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