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Dressing Table Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Dressing Table plansFree Dressing Table plans - Make this in white pine for a lacquer finish. Most of the work is concerned with the doors, which offer a neat problem in segment work. The various pieces should be bevel-ripped at 10-degrees. If fluting or reeding is to be done, the cuts are run in on the shaper, after which the segments are assembled to form the two semi-circular doors. It Will be noted from the drawings that each door is 1 inch less than a full half-circle. The curved bases are made by glueing two pieces together to get the required thickness of 3 inches. The underside piece need not be solid, but simply a ring about 1 inch wide. The bases are dowelled to the baseboards. Cleats on the side pieces afford a landing place for the bottoms, which are pieces of 1/2-inch ply stock butting flueh all around. Shelves can be fitted to suit, using either the adjustable glass type shown or wooden shelves rabbeted into the side pieces. The top is dimensioned to the same plan as the outside dimensions at the bottom.

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