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Step By Step Illustrated Wooden Boat Plans
My fascination with boats began as a very young child. My father would take me out to harbor, and I would watch the boats bringing in the catch of the day. It all seemed so magically to me as I think back to my childhood. As my love of all things...

8 ft Folding Kayak
I made an 8 feet Folding Kayak for around $100 based on plans by Jess E. Rathburn originally published in Popular Mechanics in 1963. The plans have been modified by multiple people and instructions are available online for free in various...

We are offering a free version of our Laker Kayak. These plans are designed to be simple to assemble but perform well on the water. Hull weight will depend on chosen build options and skill of the builder. Complete details, including lightweight...

Qivitoq Sea Kayak
Truth to tell, I would choose another construction technique next time. As she was my first boat project, I went with the style of construction as described in the Chewonki article, which was integrating the stations as bulkheads. This probably...

SailYak Sailing Kayak
This is a project iv been doing during free days iv had this summer. Iv always wanted to sail like my grandfather. I think I understand the concept but do not have the terminology or experience on sailing. My first was unsuccessful. It had a 4...

Stitch and Tape Kayak
I spent a couple of days writing a comp prog to convert boat offsets into flat, \'unfolded\' representations of the original data. That program generated the data from which I produced the representations you see here(.dxf, .geo) , the...

Strip built baidarka style sea kayak
Free plans for making a strip-built version of an Aleut baidarka. won\'t make any promises about this design. I have tried to be fairly faithful to the original design, just fairing it out here and there. But the information I had originally came...

Print each one of the files below in full scale (1 = 1). Each panel measures eactly 9 inches (22.86cm) so check your dimensions after you print.

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