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Fireside bench Plans

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Fireside bench plansFree Fireside bench plans - Gather round and sing your best tunes by the firepit on this sturdy bench. These curved hardwood benches are designed to wrap around a firepit , but their natural shape and charming design also make them perfect accent pieces for the garden. The base is constructed from durable white oak and the contrasting curved seat is made from South American purpleheart. These woods have common features that make them perfect for outdoor use: they’re highly resistant to decay, fungi and burrowing insects. The seat consists of concentric rows of curved slats that are joined together on the ends by straight rails. Start by making the curved pieces using a technique called template routing. As the name suggests, this method uses templates made from plywood and a table-mounted router equipped with a bearing-guided flush-trim bit to reproduce curved or irregular shapes in wood.

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