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An even lighter bench Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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An even lighter bench plansFree An even lighter bench plans - This bench went through three different versions. I made the first version (on the left) with1x4‘s but it seemed a little bit too beefy so I made another version (on the right) using 1x3’s which I thought worked out better. I used the arch to visually slim down the 1x4 skirt; while not too difficult to make (a band saw helps) I made it even easier in the third version by sliming the skirt down to a straight 1x3. I also made this version at 32”, a little longer than the first two designs at 30”. This is the one I detailed, though they are all made the same way if you want to make one of the first two. I would say this is a medium duty bench. If you are going for heavy duty use, try Basic Bench #1 or #2.

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